Resume of Warren D. Smith


Mathematician, computer scientist, and general theoretical scientist. As you can see from my papers at, I'm more interdisciplinary than most scientists. But at the same time, there are areas I've penetrated to considerable depth: One is the area of "computer science meets physics," whose fundamental questions are

  1. What limits on computer power are imposed by the laws of physics?
  2. Conversely - what are the computational complexities of physical theories?

I am the first to show the non-algorithmicity of hydrodynamics and Newton's laws and the algorithmicity of Quantum Mechanics, and the first to give the fundamental bounds on information flux and information storage density. I'm probably most known for work on computational geometry, e.g. papers coauthored by me give the best algorithms known (both approximate, and exact) for the traveling salesman problem. I could teach courses in numerous areas of math, theoretical computer science, computational geometry, and physics.


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Personal data

Born 12-22-64, Cleveland, Ohio. US citizen. Single.

Computer languages

Programmed extensively in C, Ada-95, and Modula-3. Have also used MAPLE, MACSYMA, GAP, LATEX and MATLAB, which are more specialized mathematical systems, perhaps not deserving of being called "languages." Small, but nonzero, experience with LISP, SCHEME, FORTRAN, JAVA, C++.


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