The following 803 parties have, at one time or another, run congressional candidates.

250	250 State Bonds
AAC	American Anti-Communist
AAD	Anti-Administration Democrat
A	American
Ab	Abolitionist
A-B	Anti-Boss
A-BnD	Anti Benton Democrat
Ac	Action
A-C	Anti Carpetbagger
A-Cmp	Anti-Compensation
AcP	Action Popular
A-C-R	Anti-Clinton Republican
AcT	Action Talks
Ad	Adams or Administration
A-D	Anti-Drug
AdD	Administration Democrat
AdI	Adams Independent
AE	American Eagle
A-F	Anti-Federal
AFI	American Free Independent
AfK	Action for Kanjorski
AFP	Alliance for Progress
AGA	American Grassroots Alternative
Ag	Agrarian
AH	American Heritage
AIA	An Independent America
AIC	American Independent Conservative
AID	Aloha Democrat
AJ	Andrew Jackson
A-Jn	Anti-Jackson
AkI	Alaskan Independence
A-KNI	Anti-Know Nothing Independent
Al	America First
Al	American Independent
AL	American Labor
Ald	Allied
A-L&F	Anti League World Court & Anti Foreign Entanglements
A-M	Anti-Mason
AmCt	American Constitution
AmFP	America First Populist
A-Mh	Anti-Machine
A-Mn	Anti-Monopoly
AmR	American Republican
A-MTF	Anti Medical Trust Federation
AN	American National
Anb	Anti Nebraska
A-NbD	Anti Nebraska Democrat
APA	Abolish Port Authority
AP	All People's
APC	All People's Congress
APF	ACF Profile Family
APg	American Progressive
APP	A Public Party
A-R	Anti-Rent
A-Rf	American Reform
A-RW	Anti-Rent Whig
ASI	American Systems Independent
A-Sil	Anti-Silver
A-Sv	Anti-Slavery
At	Americanist
AT	American Third
A-Tr	Anti Trust
AT-R	Anti-Trust Republican
A-Tx	Anti Tax
AW	American Way
AwFP	Always for People
AWG	Amber Waves of Grain
AWL	Against Wilson League
AxT	Ax Taxes
BAG	Better Affordable Government
BBs	Back to Basics
BES	Better
Bf	Buffalo
BFP	Buono Food Plan
BGG	Bipartisan Good Government
B-I	Bus Independent
BkD	Brooklyn Democrat
Bk-R	Bucktail Republican
BM	Business Men
BMs	Bull Moose
BnD	Benton Democrat
BR	Ballot Reform
BrD	Breckinridge Democrat
BRG	Basic Reformed Government
BRs	Betsy Ross
BS	Better Schools
BtB	Build the Bronx
B&T	Black and Tan
BtC	Butler Congress
BtD	Buder Democrat
BtG	Bolting Greenback
BtP	Best
BtR	Butler Republican
BUT	Bring Us Together
BWI	Beer Wine Independent
BxV	Bronx Voters
By	Bryan
CA	Civic Action
CAL	Concerned Citizens Against LILCO	
Cap	Capitalist
CCC	Citizens Civil Committee
C&C	Concerned & Capable
cc	Concerned Citizens
CCg	Change Congress
C	Conservative
CCRL	Cook County Reform League
CD	Conservative Democrat
CFB	Chemical Farming Banned
CFC	Cash for Congress
CF	City Fusion
Cg	Coughlin
CgP	Coughlin's Principles
ChA	Christian American
ChC	Christian Contenders
ch	Chesapeake
Ch	Christian
ChN	Christian Nationalist
ChP	Christian Pro Life
CIR	Clinton Republican
Cit	Citizens
CitI	Citizens Independent
CitPg	Citizens Progressive
CitS	Citizens-Socialist
CLA	Conservation of Life Advocates
CL	Commonwealth Land
Cm	Communist
Cmw	Commonwealth
CmW	Communist Workers
Cn	Conservationist
Cng	Congressional
CnI	Conservative Party of Illinois
CNM	Cincinnatus Nonpartisan Movement
Cnt	Continental
Cnv	Conservers
CoC	Contempt of Court
Co	Coalition
CoIR	Colored Republican
Col	Colored
COP	Concerns of People
Cor	Courage
Cp	Capitalist
CP	Common People's
CPD	Chicago Platform Democracy
CPe	Citizens Peace
CPop	Colorado Populist
CqC	Co-Equal Citizens
CR	Conservative Republican
CRE	Citizens Against Rising Electric Rates
Csc	Civic Securities
CS	Common Sense
CsD	Cass Democrat
CSE	Create Steady Employment
CSI	Civil Service Independent
CSJ	Coughlin Social justice
CsmA	Consumer Action
Csm	Consumer
CSR	Civil Service Reform
Csts	Constitutionalists
CSz	Citizens for Szabo
Ct	Constitution
CtD	Constitutional Democrat
CtG	Constitutional Government
CtI	Constitutional Independent
CtNP	Citizens Non-Partisan
Cts	Constitutional
CtsF	Constitutional Freedom
CtU	Constitutional Unionist
CuC	Clean Up Congress
CU	Conservative Unionist
Cup	A Connecticut Party
CuR	Caucus Republican
CVV	Concerned Voter's Voice
CW	City Workers
CY	City
D-ABd	Democrat Anti-Broderick
D-ALdD	Democrat Anti-Land Distribution
D-AL	Democrat Anti-Lecompton
D-ARd	Democrat Anti-Redemption
D-ATD	Anti-Tammany Democrat
D-Bd	Democrat-Broderick
D-CD	Democrat-County Democrat
D-Cit	Democrat-Citizens
D-Clf	Democrat-Clark faction
DDD	Destroy Drug Devils
D	Democrat
DDI	Damm Drug Dealers
De	Deescalators
DeP	A Delaware Party
DFL	Democratic Farmer Labor
DgD	Douglas Democrat
D-Hn	Democrat-Hunker
D-HS	Democrat-Hard Shell
DIA	Democracy in Action
DI	Dodd Independent
DIG	Decency in Government
D-IH	Democrat Irving Hall
D-Lc	Democrat Locofoco
D-LdD	Democrat Land Distribution
D-L	Democrat Lecompton
D-MH	Democrat Mozart Hall
D-NC	Democrat No Caucus
DN	Direct Nomination
DoM	Donald of Moorestown
D-Rd	Democratic-Redemption
D-R	Democratic-Republican
DR/NS	Democratic-Republican New School
DR/OS	Democratic-Republican Old School
DS	Democratic Socialist
D-SS	Democratic-Soft Shell
D-Tf 	Democrat Troup faction
D-TH	Democrat Tammany Hall
D&V	Decency & Vigilance
D-wi	Democrat written-in
DWL	Down with Lawyers
EA	Enforcement Alliance
EBJ	Equality, Brotherhood, Justice
EC	Effective Congress
Eco	Economy
E	Ecopole
EFA	Eliminate Foreign Aid
EJ	Economic Justice
EPC	End Poverty Constitutionally
EP	Elect Progressive
EqR	Equal Rights
ER	Economic Recovery
EVA	Enforcement of the Volstead Act
Ev	Environment Constitutionally
ExC	Essex Conservative
FA	Farmers Alliance
FCD	Free Coinage Democrat
FD	Free Democrat
FdN	Freedom Now
FDP	Fifteen Dollar Pension
Fel	Fellowship
FEP	Freedom Equality Prosperity
F	Federalist
FF	Four Freedoms
FFL	Freedom for LaRouche
FH'80	Frank Harrison '80
FHE	Free Honest Elections
FLbt	Free Libertarian
FL	Farmer Labor
FLF	Farmers Labor Friend
F&L	Freedom & Liberty
FN	Future Now
Fog	Foglietta
FPb	Free People
FPe	For People
FP	Fair Play
Fre	Freedom  
FS-D	Free Soil-Democrat
FS	Free Soil
FSil	Free Silver
FSR	Free Silver Republican
Ft	Fascist
FT	Free Trade
FtPe	For the People
FTr	Free Trader
FTV	Freedom Through Victory
FU	Fed Up
Fus	Fusion 3
FWC	Francis Worley Congress
Fwd	Forward
FW	Farm Workers
GbD	Greenback Democrat
GC	Gun Control
GG&CE	Good Government & Clean Elections
GG	Good Government
G	Greenback
GIAC	GI's Against Communism
G-Lab	Greenback Labor
GN	Good Neighbor
GNYD	Greater New York Democrat
GrC	Green Coalition
GR	Grass Roots 
Gr	Green
GW	General Welfare
GWI	George Wallace
GWT	God We Trust
HE	Honest Elections
HG	Honest Government
HL	High Life
HMD	Honest Money Democrat
HmR	Human Rights
HmRR	Human Rights Ratification
HR	Home Rule
HSI	Howard Safer Independent
IAA	Independent Against Apathy
IAc	Independent Action
IAC	Independent American Citizens
IAI	Independent Americans Independence
IA	Independent American
Ia	Iowa
I-AN	Independent Anti-Nebraska
IaNP	Iowa New Party
IAT	Independent Anti-Tax
I-Bk	Independent Bucktail
ICA	Independent Citizens Action
ICC	Independent Citizens Committee
ICg	Independent Congress
IC	Independent Conservative
ICit	Independent Citizen
ICm	Independent Communist
ICR	Independent Conservative
ID	Independent Democrat
IdL	Industrial Labor
IdtG	Industial Government
Idt	Industrialist
IDy	Industrial Dry
IFCg	Independent for Congress
IFCh	Independent for Change
IfE	Independents for Economy
IfFr	Independent for Freedom
IFH	Inflation Fighting House Wife
IF	Independent Fusion
IfL	Independent for Labor
IfPe	Independent for Peace
IfPt	Independents for Perot
IFs	Independence Fusion
IGb	Independent Greenback
IgD	Irregular Democrat
IGG	Independent for Godly Government
IG	Independent Government
IGr	Independent Grassroots
IIG	Integrity In Government
I	Independent
IJP	Increase Jobless Pay
ILab	Independent Labor
IL	Independence League
ILn	Independent Lincoln
ILP	Independent Lincoln Principle
ILS 	Independent Life Savings
IMGr	Independent Maine Greens
INC	Individual Needs Center
In	Independence
IN	Independent Neighbors
INMx	Independent New Mexico
INP	Independent Nomination Paper
INR	Independent National Republican
IO	Independent Organization
IPC	Independent People's Coalition
IPeC	Independent People's Choice
IPe	Independent Peoples
IPeN	Independent People's Network
Ipg	Independent Progressive
IPgL	Independent Progressive Line
IPgR	Independent Progressive Republican
I/P	Independent Party
IPM	Independent Party of Montana
IPop	Independent Populist
IPr	Independent Prohibition
IRA	Inalienable Rights Upheld
IRf	Independent Reformer
IR	Independent Republican
IRm	Independent Reform
ISd	Illinois Solidarity
IsFC	Independents for Change
is	Independent Socialist
ISL	Independent Socialist Labor
ITh	Independent Thinking
It	Industrial
ITnR	Independent Townsend Republican
ITV	Independent Teacher Veteran
ITW	Independent Tax Watchdog
IUD	Independent Union Democrat
IUL	Independent Union Labor
IUW	Independent Union Whig
Ivc	Independent Voice
IV	Independent Voters
IVm	Independent Vermonters
IVs	Independent Vote
IVt	Independent Veteran
IVW	Independent Voters of Wisconsin
IW	Independent Whig
IWk	Independent Workers
Iwt	Independent Wet
Jb	Jobless
JC	Jefferson Coolidge
J-Clf	Jacksonian Clark faction
JEB	J-E-B Party Inc.
JEP	Jobs Equality Peace
Jf	Jefferson
JfsD	Jeffersonian Democrat
Jfs	Jeffersonian
J	Jacksonian
JPD	Jefferson Principle Democrat
Jp	Jersey Pension
JPR	Jobs, Property Rights
JR	Jackson Republican
J-Tf	Jacksonian Troup faction
JuDI	Justice Decency Independent
Ju	justice
Ju&P	justice and the Poor
JWh	John White
JW	Jim Wham
KAN	Keep America Neutral
KAY	Keep America First
KCE	Kindel Commercial Equality
KCg	Krill for Congress
KfC	Kennry for Congress
K	Keystone
KPW	Keep People Working
Lab	Labor
LabR	Labor Reform
LAC	Light a Candle
LaF	LaFollette
LAI	Independent Alliance
LBD	Liberty Bell Democrat
Lbt	Libertarian
lCgn	Independent Congressional
Lc	Lancaster
LD	Liberal Democrat
LFD	Lincoln Fair Deal
LFI	LaFollette Independent
L&F	Labor & Farmer
LFR	Let Freedom Ring
LFT	Less Federal Taxes
LID	League Island Development
LI	Liberal Independent
LJG	Labor, Justice, Gumption
LLC	Liberal Labor Choice
L	Liberal
LLJ	Life, Liberty, Justice
LLMR	Limit Land Manipulation & Rent
Ln	Lincoln
L&O	Law & Order
Lo	Loyal
lPeU	Independent People's Union
LP	Law Preservation
LPM	Labor Party of Maryland
LPt	Louanner Peters
LRf	Land Reform
LR	Liberal Republican
LRR	LaRouche Was Right
LRU	La Raza Unida
LRz	La Raza
LSL	Liberal Sunday Law
Lty	Liberty
LU	Liberty Union
LW&B	Light Wine & Beer
Lw	Lewisite
LyD	Loyal Democrat
MCF	Michigan Commonwealth Federation
McK	McKinley Citizens
McKSM 	Mitchell Sound Money
MfC	Mitchell for Congress
MgC	Magerman for Congress
MLby	Mr. Liberty
ML	Municipal League
M	Mayflower
MnT	Minnesota Taxpayers
M-Pop	Mid Road Populist
MS	Milton Street
MtC	Morris for Congress
MT	Mississippi Taxpayers
MVA	Modification of Volstead Act
MW	Militant Workers
NA	New Alliance
NAT	No Additional Taxes
NDI	New Day Independent
ND	New Deal
NDPA	National Democratic Party of Alabama
NE	New Era
NFL	No Foreign Loans
NF	Nuclear Freeze
NH	New Hispano
NI	New Independent
NJC	New Jersey Conservative
NJI	New Jersey Independents
NL	New Leadership
NM	New Majority
N	National
NNG	No Nonsense Government
NPe	National People's
NPf	No Preference
NPg	National Progressive
NPL	Non Partisan League
NP	Non-Partisan
NPPR	Non Partisan Progressive Republican
NPt	New Politics
NPy	New Party
NRc	National Recovery
NRf	National Reform
NR	National Republican
NSil	National Silver
NSJ	National Social justice
NS	No Slogan
NSP	National Silver Populist
NSR	National States Rights
NSt	National Statesman
NSv	Neighborhood Service
NtD	National Democrat
NtL	Natural Law
Nt	Nationalist
NU	National Union
NUn	New Union
NWT	No Wage Tax
Nx	No Party
OAP	Old Age Pension
OAS	Old Age Security
OB	Open Book
OD	Old Democrats
OgD	Original Democrat
O'H	The O'Hara Bill
Opp	Opposition
OS-R	Old School Republican
Otn	Official Townsend
PA=Ck	Port Authority=Crooks
PAC	Politicians Are Crooks
PaD	Pennsylvania Democrat
PAI	Preserve American Independence
PaJJ	Peace jobs justice
PAJ	Politicians Are jokers
Pa	Peace
Pat	Patriot
PB	Pennsylvania Blacksmith
PCD	Public Congress of Delaware
Pcf	Pacific
PCI	Peter Cooper Independent
P-Cmp	Pro-Compensation
PC	People's Choice
PCP	People's Congressional Preference
P&D	Parker & Davis
PDR	Pro-Democracy Reform
PeCd	People's Candidate
PeCo	People's Constitutional
PeCR	People's Constitutional Rights
PeD	Peace Democrat
PeER	People's Equal Rights
Pe&F	Peace & Freedom
PeIC	People's Independent Coalition
PeI	People's Independent
PeIR	People's Independent Reform
PeL	People's Labor
Pe	People's
PeR	People's Rights
PeUt	People's Unity
PFE	Pensions for Everybody
Pf	Pathfinders
PgA	Progressive Alliance
PgBMR	Progressive Bull Moose Republican
Pgl	Progressive Independent
PgL	Progressive Labor
PgN	Progressive New Dealer
Pg	Progressive
PgR	Progressive Republican
PgRs	Progressive Roosevelt
PHA	Perot Hispano American
PHP	Prosperity Home Protection
P&H	Pride & Honesty
P-I-E	Progress-Integrity-Economy
Pi	Peace Independent
PLAA	Pro Life Anti-Abortion
PLfC	Pro Life Conservative
PLfl	Pro Life Independent
PLf	Pro Life
PLIC	Pro Life Independent Conservative
PL	Personal Liberty
PLPF	Pro Life Pro Family Veteran
PLS	Progressive Labor Socialist
PM	Poor Man's
Pn	Pension
Pop	Populist
PO	Public Ownership
PPA	Public Power Alternative to LILCO
PPD	Protest Progress Dignity
P&P	Peace & Prosperity
PP	People's Progressive
P	Prohibition
Ppr	Popular
ppt	Pure Politics
PrCh	Perot Choice
PrC	Personal Choice
PrI	Perot's Independent
Ps	Prosperity
PTF	Progress Through Freedom
PtgF	Protecting Freedom
ptm	Potomac
Pt	Protectionist
PT	Protective Tariff
Pts	Protecting Seniors
PVP	People Over Politics
Py	Primary
PyR	Primary Republican
QCR	Quality Congressional Representation
QI	Queens-lndependent
Q	Quid
Rad	Radical
RAL	Ratepayers Against LILCO
RbCit	Robinson Citizens
R-B&T	Republican Black & Tan
RCI	Richmond County Independent
RCit	Republican Citizens
RC	Rainbow Coalition
Rc	Recovery
R-dc	Republican Delegate Convention
Rdj	Readjuster
Ref	Referendum
RegDm	Regular Democracy
RegD	Regular Democrat
Res	Resource
RFC	Reef for Congress
Rf	Reform
RgPe	Regular People's
RG	Righteous Government
R-hf	Republican Hill faction
RID	Reform Democrat
R-If	Republican Lynch faction
RLI	Roosevelt Liberal Independent
R-Lw	Republican Lilly White
RND	Roosevelt New Deal
ROP	Running on Principles
Ro	Republicson
RO	Royal Oak
RoR	Reorganized Republican
Rp8	Repeal TE807
RpdD	Repudiation Democrat
RPg	Roosevelt Progressive
RPI	Ross Perot Independent
Rpl	Repeal
R-P	Republican-Prohibition
RPT	Restore Public Trust
R	Republican
R	Republican
RR	Robinson Republican
RSD	Roosevelt Social Democrat
Rsl	Roosevelt Independent
Rs	Roosevelt
RTL	Right to Life
R-T	Republican Tomlinson faction
Rt	Restoration
RTV	Right to Vote
RU	Republican Union
RVA	Repeal Volstead Act
RvW	Revolutionary Workers
R-Wf	Republican Wolcott faction
R-wi	Republican write-in
R-W	Republican White
ScD	Secessionist Democrat
Sc	Secessionist
ScW	Secessionist Whig
SD	Social Democrat
Sec	Security
Seq	Socialist Equality
SFC	Smith for Congress
SiIR	Silver Republican
SilD	Silver Democrat
Sil	Silver
SIS	Staten Island Secession
SJD	Social justice Democrat
SJL	Social justice Labor
SJ	Social Justice
SJU	Social justice Union
SL	Socialist Labor
SLt	Social Leftist
SMD	Sound Money Democrat
SMj	Silent Majority
SM	Save Medicare
SOJ	Scales of justice
SoRD	Southern Rights Democrat
SoR	Southern Rights
Sp-I	Socialist Principle Independent
SqD	Square Deal
SRp	Social Responsibility
Ssil 	Stalwart Silver
S	Socialist
STI	Stop Tax Increase
StPe	Straight People's
StRD	States Rights Democrat
StrD	Straight Democrat
StR	States Rights
ST	Single Tax
Sts	Statesman
SW	Socialist Workers
SWT	Stick with Thorn
TAI	The Independent Alternative
TB	Tax Break
TCi	Tax Citizens
TCN	Tax Cut Now
TCP-LI	Tax Cut Party-Long Island
TC	Tax Cut
TD	True Democrat
TFC	Time for Change
TfD	Tariff Democrat
TGG	Taxpayers Good Government
Th	Third Party
TIC	Tisch Independent Citizens
TIP	Taft for President
TJ	Thomas Jefferson
TLC	Term Limits Candidate
TLL	Truth, Life, Liberty
TMC	Time for a Change
TM	Town Meeting
Tnd	Townsendite
TnJ	Townsend Social justice
Tnn	Townsend Non-Partisan
TnP	Townsend Plan
TnR	Townsend Recovery
Tn	Townsend
TOAP	Townsend Old Age Pension
ToF	Taxpayers Only Friend
TPC	The People's Choice
TPF	The People's Friend
TPI	Taxpayers Independent
TPK 	Taxpayers Party of Kentucky
TPL	Townsend Pension-Labor
TPP	The People's Party
TPY	Taxpayers
TrnR	Temperance Reform
T-R	Tammany Republican
TRT	Taxpayers Revival Ticket
T	Temperance
TTP	The Third Party
TWR	Taxation Without Representation
Ty-A	Trotskyist Anti-War
TyD	Taylor Democrat
UC 	United Citizens
UD	Union Democrat
UfJ	Unity for justice
UfPe	United for Peace
UGG	United Good Government
UI	The Unbossed Independent
Uls	United Independent
UL&S	United Liberals & Socialists
UL	Union Labor
UM	Unity Movement
Unaffil.	(No party indicated on ballot)
Un	Unionist
UPg	Union Progressive
U&P	Union & Peace
URf	Union Reform
UR	Union Republican
USA	Undauntable Stalwart Allegiance
USC	United States Congress
USL	U.S. Labor
UST	U.S. Taxpayers
us	United States
Utd	United
UtD	United Dry
UtL	United Labor
UtP	United Parties
UTR	Urban Tax Reform
UT	United Taxpayers
Ut	Unity
UUD	Unconditional Union Democrat
U	Union
UVD	Ultra Veto Democrat
UWS	United We Serve
UW	Union Whig
VC	Vote Christian 88
Vet-F	Veterans-Farmer
Vet I	Veterans Independent Movement
Vet	Veterans'
VfPe	Voters for Peace
VG	Vermont Grassroots
VI	Vermont Independent
VIV	Vote Independent Vote
VL	Voters League
Vol	Voice of Independence
VRf	Virginia Reform
VR	Voters Rights
VSD	Virginia Social-Democrat
V	Victory
VV	Veterans' Victory
VWH	Victory Without Hate
WAA	War Against AIDS
WAC	Workers Against Concessions
Wa	Washington
WC	Working Class
We	Wheeler
WF	World Federalist
WhP	White Power
WI	Wilson Independent
wi	(write-in)
WkC	Workers' Communist
Wkm	Workingman
WksL	Workingmen's League
Wks	Workingmen's
Wk	Workers
WLL	Washington State American Liberty League
WL	Workers League
WP	William Penn
W-StR	Whig States Rights
WtI	Wet Independent
WtM	Wet Modification
WtP	We the People
WtR	Western Republican
Wt	Wet
WtW	Win the War
WV	War Veterans
W	Whig
WWP	Work with People
WW	Workers World
WWW	World Without War
YAD	Youth Against Draft
YD	Young Democrat
YGB	You Gotta Believe
Yg	Youngman
yp	Your Party
YSA	Young Socialist Alliance

SOURCE: Michael Dubin: Congressional Elections, Congressional Quarterly Inc.

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