Pusillanimous Pre-made Party Platform Plank!

Critiques of a few atrocious current party platforms.

Fair and Effective Voting

The XXXX party recognizes that the voting system needs to be fair and to best-determine and implement the wishes of the people. As of 2005 the USA unfortunately uses the highly flawed "plurality" voting system in exceedingly gerrymandered districts, with biased voter-registration and unequal ballot-rejection policies.
1- We support "range voting" for all single-winner elections with 3 or more choices (including write-in candidates). In this system each "vote" is a numerical rating of each and every candidate within a fixed range such as 0-to-99; voters who wish to express "no opinion" about a candidate are allowed to "X" that score instead. The candidate with the highest average numerical rating wins.
2- We abolish gerrymandering by demanding that all election districts be drawn by the following completely unbiased automatic procedure:

  1. Start with the boundary outline of the state,
  2. Split the number N of desired districts into two as near-equal whole numbers A, B as possible: N=A+B, for example 7=4+3.
  3. Split the state into two parts with population ratios A:B via the shortest possible splitting line segment (or more precisely since the Earth is round, "great circle segment")
  4. Proceed recursively on the two hemi-states thus created.
3- Universal voting registration: all adult citizens are automatically registered to vote (a practice already in use in many other democracies and recommended for the USA in 2005 by the report by Jimmy Carter and James Baker).
4- Each voter's ballot must be immediately checked for validity, and the voter immediately notified of its non-validity so that he/she can try again to produce a valid ballot. Voting machines that silently reject invalid ballots are hereby illegal. (Exception: in locales that use hand-counted, not machine-counted, ballots, this demand is dropped since it would conflict with the desire for ballot secrecy and anonymity.)

This platform was written by the Center For Range Voting, .