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Candidate Your Vote
EISENHOWER, Dwight D. 60
HARDING, Warren G. 5
HITLER, Adolf 0
HOOVER, Herbert 25
LINCOLN, Abraham 99
PEROT, H. Ross X
ROOSEVELT, Franklin D. 50
Get Real Democracy!
Range Voting (Simplified definition):
  1. each vote consists of one numerical score from 0 to 99 awarded to each candidate (for example 57,0,34,99 could be one vote in a 4-candidate election; advise 99/0 for best/worst);
  2. the candidate with the highest average score wins.
(Our fullest definition with various bells & whistles added.)
Democrats or Republicans:
Would you like your party to make better choices of candidates in the primary elections? In particular – would you like it to choose the best presidential candidate it can? Would you like to get rid of the "spoiler effect", where alternative (third party) candidates on the same side of the political spectrum as you can take votes away from your candidate and cause your candidate to lose?
Independent voters:
Would you like to have more than two realistic choices of candidates to choose from? Would you like to vote for and show your support for alternative party candidates, without having to waste your vote to do it?
Greens, Libertarians, Socialists, Constitution party, etc.:
Would you like to vote for and show your support for your favorite candidate, but still have the option of supporting the Democrat or Republican candidate, if your favorite is unlikely to win? Would you like your opinions about every candidate to get used, as opposed to just your opinion about one (and even that one is wasted since it is a third-party candidate)?
Democratic or Republican candidates or elected officeholders:
Would you like the alternative parties to eventually get stronger, so that you could run as a candidate of one of them if your party turns away from you or you lose your primary – and then that run would both (1) have a realistic chance of succeeding, and (2) would not lead to a vote split between you and the opponent from your old major party, causing you both to lose – instead one of you would still win and you would not be regarded as a "traitor" for doing this?
Tired of pseudo-democracy where you get the minimum possible amount of choice (two, but usually really only one since there's 98% predictability) and where you only get to express the minimum possible amount of information about what you prefer? Would you like more real choices and more expressiveness so it might actually be worth bothering to vote? We don't know about you, but we don't want the minimum. We want the maximum.

Range Voting (RV) can help solve every one of the problems mentioned above. RV has something for everyone!

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