Florida 2000 official presidential election results

#voters Percent of total Their Vote
2,912,790 48.992% Bush (Republican Party)
2,912,253 48.983% Gore (Democratic Party)
97,488 1.640% Nader (Green Party)
17,484 0.294% Buchanan (Reform Party)
2,281 0.038% Hagelin (Natural Law Party)
1,804 0.030% Moorehead (Workers World Party)
1,371 0.023% Phillips (Taxpayer's/Constitution Party)
5,945,471 (Total)

The difference between Bush & Gore's totals was 537.

The question of how Florida's Nader and Buchanan voters would have voted if they had not run, was studied by Michael C. Herron & Jeffrey B. Lewis Did Ralph Nader Spoil a Gore Presidency? A Ballot-Level Study of Green and Reform Party Voters in the 2000 Presidential Election, 24 April 2006. They apparently estimated that Buchanan voters would split about 57/43 for Bush/Gore, while Nader voters would have split 40/60.

Voter News Service in a nationwide (not just Florida) exit poll of 13225 voters found 521 Nader voters of whom 264 told VNS who their "second choice" would have been:

47% of the Nader voters said they would choose Gore in a two-man race, 21% Bush, and 32% would not vote.

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