Asset voting for W-winner elections (executive summary)

Asset Voting is a simple multiwinner voting system. Suppose we're talking about an election with W winners:

  1. Voters provide scores to every candidate. The scores are non-negative numbers that add up to 100. In Simmons' simpler version, your vote is just "name one candidate" (who gets 100 from you, the others get zero).
  2. A candidate's score-total then is the amount of an "asset" he then "owns." Candidates then negotiate, transferring some or all of their assets to each other.
  3. After negotiations end, the W most asset-rich candidates are the W winners.
  4. (Optional) we could have "weighted congressmen" where each has a number of votes in congress proportional to his assets when elected. This would cause even-finer "proportionality."

Asset is extremely simple, it is proportional, and it tends to encourage voters to vote honestly for their favorites and not strategically for their non-favorites.

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